Tour de France

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Andrew Talansky

Good luck to all my friends racing @usacycling Nationals today especially @alex_howes! You got this man!

25 Jun, 12:23

Nathan Haas

Well it's official, time for more gelato

24 Jun, 21:51

Dan Martin

Good luck to all @irishroadchamps Hope everybody has a safe race and sure there will be a deserving winner. Sorry I couldn't make it.

24 Jun, 18:23


Nathan Haas

16:34: Back to the Couch for a while... Motivation where are you? Maybe it's the heat wave? 16:33: RT: Good to see 4 Aussies in the top 30 WorldTour rankings @richie_porte @RohanDennis @blingmatthews @NathanPeterHaas fun times for Aus 16:32: Anybody want this rad cap? Girona/ Catalunya fans get in! link below

24 Jun

Andrew Talansky

One of the most uplifting and positive people I have had the pleasure to work with, thanks for all you do Sophie!

21 Jun, 20:20

Dan Martin

30 degrees this morning. Handful of ice this afternoon. #mountainlife

20 Jun, 16:29

Andrew Talansky

So far so good up here. Andorra was showing off today.

17 Jun, 16:48

Dan Martin

Tough couple of rides in the #TDF2017 mountains. Thanks @wilfriedpeeters for driving behind me.

13 Jun, 15:43

Andrew Talansky

Proud of my friend @RohanDennis for the win at Suisse yesterday! No limit to what he will do in this sport. #legendinthemaking

11 Jun, 09:23

Andrew Talansky

Took a couple extra cups of @peetscoffee to get moving this morning! #liquidgold #onetogo

11 Jun, 09:13

Dan Martin

Surreal riding the downhill completely alone today. No Motos, other riders or fans. Near the front but didn't see a soul for 8km.

9 Jun, 20:56

Dylan van Baarle

@NathanPeterHaas 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

9 Jun, 10:32

Nathan Haas

I rode Mont du Chat a few years ago and I remember thinking, theres no way you could race down this thing... Stay safe guys!

9 Jun, 10:28

Andrew Talansky

Best of luck to my boys @DirtyKanza200 today! Enjoy the adventure @CLymanPlay @iamtedking @neilshirley @jonhornbeck

3 Jun, 09:34

Ryder Hesjedal

06:33: So good!!! 00:13: Thank you!!

30 May

Andrew Talansky

Nice welcome back to Girona

29 May, 16:33

Nathan Haas

Time to retire my FCB hat, time to find my Girona FC fan kit, Mol Bé Girona!!!!! First division!!!!

28 May, 21:49

Dylan van Baarle

Bravo @josvanemden and @tom_dumoulin, historical day for Dutch cycling 🏻🏻!!

28 May, 17:38