Tour de France

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18:02: @FIRSTENERGYGUM First Athletes Energy Gum is live!

De Energy Gum die topsporters gebruiken om hun prestaties te verbeteren.


1 Aug, 18:02 UTC+2

06:03: @TourdeVictoria Only until 11:59pm tonight: Save up to $40, be entered for #almaficoast trip & @factorbikes 02 frame & fork https://t.c…

1 Aug, 06:03 UTC+2

07:38: After a busy couple months it's time to head home and soak up some summer time with the family! #GoingBackToCali

30 Jul, 07:38 UTC+2


18:15: @JustPedalUK Really pleased World Tour rider @carleetaylor1 is part of our team at the #Gironagala for @Qhubeka #cycling #girona https:…

28 Jul, 18:15 UTC+2

07:58: You tell them Chris ????

28 Jul, 07:58 UTC+2

07:57: @N_Eccles @winterjessica @NewYorker The season final of America is getting wild.

28 Jul, 07:57 UTC+2

20:12: Diagnosis of 2 small fracture took me by surprise. Shows how powerful the mind is in pushing through. No wonder I c…

27 Jul, 20:12 UTC+2

10:16: Best news of the day!

27 Jul, 10:16 UTC+2

09:10: , @Patty_Mills is somebody all Aus' can look up to. Since a kid, his family values and drive have been inspiring

26 Jul, 09:10 UTC+2

02:58: @TourdeVictoria Win a @FactorBikes Frame or a Cycling Trip To Italy. Register by July 31st - #GranFondo #yyjeve

26 Jul, 02:58 UTC+2

22:09: @fizikofficial .@NathanPeterHaas from @TeamDiData is selling his R1B Climb Edition shoes for helping @Qhubeka.
Make your offer at https…

25 Jul, 22:09 UTC+2

15:43: @Youri_IJnsen En met een hele mooie tafel! Te gast zijn namelijk @adrievanderpoel en @sebaslangeveld! Inschakelen vanaf 20.30, mis het…

24 Jul, 15:43 UTC+2

11:46: Now my holiday around France is over, back to work, stopwatch in hand.

24 Jul, 11:46 UTC+2

10:50: Tour de France is a wrap. What a month with these guys.

24 Jul, 10:50 UTC+2

19:25: @Ride_Argyle That's a wrap on #TDF2017. We celebrate: second overall + one stage win +three days in dots + most aggressive + new partne…

23 Jul, 19:25 UTC+2

11:19: Paris bound with all 9 of the @Ride_Argyle crew today! Proud to be a part of @UranRigoberto's incredible ride these…

23 Jul, 11:19 UTC+2

11:19: @SimoClarke Nearly at Paris. About to get on the "GoRigoGo" Charter. One stage to go. Champs-Elysées here we come. @Ride_Argyle #TDF201

23 Jul, 11:19 UTC+2

21:26: @Ride_Argyle And that's a wrap in Marseille. @UranRigoberto TTs one spot higher on the #TDF2017 podium. Heads to Paris in second overal…

22 Jul, 21:26 UTC+2

19:03: Empty. Gave everything this passed 3 weeks. With nothing left it was about getting around safe. Epic way to finish @LeTour #thankumarseille

22 Jul, 19:03 UTC+2


17:55: Rigoooooooooooooooooo

22 Jul, 17:55 UTC+2

15:33: Chilled moment before the penultimate stage and what a stage to perform on. Loved racing with these boys the last w…

22 Jul, 15:33 UTC+2

14:10: @PrixAntargaz RT pour voter pour @DanMartin86 pour le titre de Super Combatif du #TDF2017 / RT to vote for D. Martin ???? #PrixAntargaz ht…

22 Jul, 14:10 UTC+2

14:07: Let's give this a go. Worth a shot. If you think I am deserving of course ????

22 Jul, 14:07 UTC+2

13:37: @natebrown0707 First person to bring us a case of beer today, and tomorrow I'll give you one of my race numbers signed by the whole tea…

22 Jul, 13:37 UTC+2

08:32: @Ride_Argyle Anyone know how many kilometers @DylanvanBaarle spent in #TDF2017 breakaways? Asking for a friend.

22 Jul, 08:32 UTC+2

21:01: @Vaughters Glad we surprised everyone with our next level strategic partnership w @oath ! Now, let's see if we can surprise a few peopl…

21 Jul, 21:01 UTC+2

11:39: Um, does anybody want to jump into Friday like boom? Watch this:)

21 Jul, 11:39 UTC+2

10:45: @iamspecialized One out of nine schoolchildren is diagnosed with ADHD. We're pedaling forward and fighting back. Join the movement → ht…

21 Jul, 10:45 UTC+2

09:48: Gave everything to escape for the stage yesterday but guess I'm still a marked man. Paid for it in the end but proud to make the others hurt

21 Jul, 09:48 UTC+2

17:04: This Marty guy gets my sense of humor! You are brilliant!!!!

20 Jul, 17:04 UTC+2

14:44: Dear cycling commentators; Riders do not lactate. The expression is 'Lactic' I know it's similar but they're not producing milk as they race

20 Jul, 14:44 UTC+2

22:29: @GeorgeDeswijzen Image of today @DylanvanBaarle solo in the descent of #ColduGalibier #rideargyle #TDF2017 #cycling #photography https:…

19 Jul, 22:29 UTC+2

23:23: @josvanemden @georgenbennett Want to join mate:)???

18 Jul, 23:23 UTC+2

19:57: Could be worse. I'm still healthy and I can stand up straight finally. Plus there's a few hills coming up. #gameon #fighttotheend

18 Jul, 19:57 UTC+2

14:19: @pelotonbrief AUCTION! @NathanPeterHaas has put his @fizikofficial Ltd.ed. #giro shoes up for @qhubeka size 41

18 Jul, 14:19 UTC+2

13:58: Now the tour can really start @taylorphinney @AtlasContact Thanks !!!

17 Jul, 13:58 UTC+2

11:11: @mattrabin Rest. Day. Vibes @DylanvanBaarle #TDF2017 ✌️

17 Jul, 11:11 UTC+2

19:13: @thevelofix Experience world class cycling routes & breathtaking scenery at @ryder_hesjedal's @TourdeVictoria on August 20! https://t.c…

14 Jul, 19:13 UTC+2

18:34: Hope to continue to improve now and then can dream big next week. Unreal to still be in the fight after such a crash #waytoride

14 Jul, 18:34 UTC+2


18:34: Feeling 10 times better today but still can't ride out the saddle hence the hard tempo tactic to avoid accelerations. Seemed to work ????

14 Jul, 18:34 UTC+2

17:21: I've missed @philgaimon podcast, mid season update ye ha! Listen in y'all

14 Jul, 17:21 UTC+2

16:15: Tv streams of cycling with no commentary is so weird! Just the ambient noise of racing. It almost feels like racing!

14 Jul, 16:15 UTC+2

12:16: Sometimes you find yourself alone out there but the fans are always there to keep you going

14 Jul, 12:16 UTC+2

18:54: Tried for the stage but have no power out the saddle in my back. Getting better every day though so hope to be back to myself next week

13 Jul, 18:54 UTC+2

18:54: Sheer determination and a lot of suffering kept me in the fight today. V happy and relieved to survive. Another night of recovery now.

13 Jul, 18:54 UTC+2

16:57: Australians: @georgenbennett is who you go for here! What a legend!!!!!!

13 Jul, 16:57 UTC+2

00:21: Is that a Qhubeka 5? @marcelkittel amazing, take a bow, but maybe for the 5th win you could donate a bike to…

13 Jul, 00:21 UTC+2

11:05: Bit of fun this morning. Add a caption to this. 3 guys on a bench and a roadbook #art #TdF2017

12 Jul, 11:05 UTC+2

20:30: Hard day for me but some amazing news at the finish. So very proud of my wife. #London2017

11 Jul, 20:30 UTC+2

12:01: @WillemDudok Nieuwe podcast! Skypen met @dylanvanbaarle - over rockster Rigoberto, Murakami vs Netflix & omcirkelde Tour-etappes: https…

11 Jul, 12:01 UTC+2

16:31: @GeorgeDeswijzen @Ride_Argyle When you seem to be the only 2 riders on a HC climb at #LeTour @TDF2017 How did that feel @DylanvanBaarle

10 Jul, 16:31 UTC+2