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12:08: @chrisfroome @TeamSky Thanks for your vote but even after that I will not go to @lavuelta ????

2 Aug, 12:08 UTC+2

11:50: Summer in Italy ????☀️ I just love it here when it's like this. Some more scans on my shoulder tomorrow & hopefully it means I can ride again!

1 Aug, 11:50 UTC+2

15:12: Mijos ahora sí pueden comprar la nueva colección #gorigogo en

31 Jul, 15:12 UTC+2


12:16: So luggage lost with @KLM. How lucky I'm with travelling????????‍♂️

30 Jul, 12:16 UTC+2

11:37: Good luck to everybody riding @RideLondon today! Stay safe and have fun! ????????

30 Jul, 11:37 UTC+2

21:07: Mijos hoy apretando diente con ganas #clasicasansebastian

29 Jul, 21:07 UTC+2

11:40: @TeamSky We're racing in Spain. 231 kilometres + eight tough climbs lie ahead. Here's our #Klasikoa squad signing on this morning (???? @M

29 Jul, 11:40 UTC+2

11:20: July was fantastic. Time to finish it in style ???? @dklasikoa @TeamSky

29 Jul, 11:20 UTC+2

08:22: Good morning! To London for me, for a little chat with Mr. @radioleary, while (the rest of) his @BBCRadio2 show brightens your Saturday ????????

29 Jul, 08:22 UTC+2

20:23: Mijitos listos para #clasicasansebastian

28 Jul, 20:23 UTC+2

13:48: So @vueling did it again! Luggage lost????‍♂️

28 Jul, 13:48 UTC+2

18:05: A little dirt ride on @GoZwift with @AdamYates7 on a rainy afternoon went down well.

27 Jul, 18:05 UTC+2

14:39: If you're riding @RideLondon this weekend, get your legs and head refreshed at the @amstelbieruk Cold Tub Pub. ????????????

27 Jul, 14:39 UTC+2

13:42: Mijitos no espere para comprar la nueva colección, xq las promociones se van a demorar en llegar ????…

27 Jul, 13:42 UTC+2

23:54: We've worked together. We've clashed. We've agreed. We've disagreed. But you championed cycling before it was cool…

25 Jul, 23:54 UTC+2

19:15: Always a special moment to arrive in Paris after three weeks Tour de France.Thanks to all the fans that support us!…

24 Jul, 19:15 UTC+2

16:37: @McLarenF1 Spotted at #MTC: cycling legend & proper car nut, @MarkCavendish & his matte black 12C. Loving the detailing, Cav. ???? https:/…

24 Jul, 16:37 UTC+2

12:39: I meant it when I said that I will going to enjoy and celebrate after @LeTour???? Thank you Agata????

24 Jul, 12:39 UTC+2

11:05: @SimoClarke So proud of these boys. What a team and what a result. And finished with all 9! @Ride_Argyle #TdF2017…

24 Jul, 11:05 UTC+2


10:56: @Ride_Argyle We have a cure for your #TDF2017 withdrawal symptoms. Here:

24 Jul, 10:56 UTC+2

10:54: Good morning from Paris. Great night with @TeamDiData yesterday. Sure there's some sore heads this morning! I'm going shopping ????

24 Jul, 10:54 UTC+2

07:59: Just woke up and realized that 22 Stage of @LeTour was the hardest one????????????

24 Jul, 07:59 UTC+2

22:49: Mijitos esto es un sueño!!!

23 Jul, 22:49 UTC+2

22:07: I always dreamed of riding in a team, that wins @LeTour. Thank you @TeamSky for making the dream come true.

23 Jul, 22:07 UTC+2

16:41: On the way to Paris with Polish boys???? #TDF2017

23 Jul, 16:41 UTC+2

14:57: Mijitos Paris nos espera hoy #gorigogo

23 Jul, 14:57 UTC+2

13:50: Just spilt a full cup of coffee over myself. I'm now sat on a baby absorption pad and look like I pissed myself. One of those days.

23 Jul, 13:50 UTC+2

13:33: @sportwereld_be Grootmoeder gaf Vermote extra bescherming op de fiets: “Ze bleef in leven voor mij, dat maakte indruk”…

23 Jul, 13:33 UTC+2

10:24: Paris bound this morning... not on the mode of transport I'd hoped, obviously, but a good @TeamDiData performance would make it sweet.

23 Jul, 10:24 UTC+2

20:12: Fuelling up before Paris???????????? #TDF2017

22 Jul, 20:12 UTC+2

19:17: Niesamowite!!! Amazing day for polish cycling????????,Froomey and all @TeamSky! ????????????????????

22 Jul, 19:17 UTC+2

18:55: So happy to see @maciejbodnar on the top at @LeTour today!! Such a deserve win for one of the nicest guy and stroger rider out there!!

22 Jul, 18:55 UTC+2

17:46: Amazing @maciejbodnar ???????????? Amazing @chrisfroome ???????? #TDF2017

22 Jul, 17:46 UTC+2

17:44: Incredible @maciejbodnar ???????????? Incredible @chrisfroome ???????? #TDF2017

22 Jul, 17:44 UTC+2

17:09: Speed. Made in Poland!????????
@LeTour @TeamSky

22 Jul, 17:09 UTC+2

16:20: 1 second. What a fight! ????????????
#Kwiato @TeamSky

22 Jul, 16:20 UTC+2

11:46: Great location in Marseille. 14.56 o'cock I start.

22 Jul, 11:46 UTC+2

11:33: We keep the focus, thx to @beoplay who provides us with perfect beats #tdf #beoplay ????@BrakeThrough _media

22 Jul, 11:33 UTC+2

21:03: Tried to be in the breakaway on our national day, was in, but wasn't the good one. At least we tried! ????????????????????????

21 Jul, 21:03 UTC+2


17:44: Yesssssssssss!!!!!! Edvald!!!!!! Finally!! I'm in tears. You absolute hero! So so happy for you & @TeamDiData. Persistence @letour pays off.

21 Jul, 17:44 UTC+2

12:11: Thanks for the replacements @oakley !Back to looking cool... ???????? #TDF2017 #jawbreaker

21 Jul, 12:11 UTC+2

11:24: @chrisfroome I also threw away Ford Mustang car key and Rolex watch on Izoard????

21 Jul, 11:24 UTC+2

11:02: Just realized that's my last pair of sunglasses???? #TDF2017

21 Jul, 11:02 UTC+2

20:54: @iamspecialized One out of nine schoolchildren is diagnosed with ADHD. We're pedaling forward and fighting back. Join the movement → ht…

20 Jul, 20:54 UTC+2

20:26: State of mind while you're over threshold. You just don't care ????
@LeTour @TeamSky
#Kwiato #AllezKwiato

20 Jul, 20:26 UTC+2

18:28: Classe non e aqua!????

20 Jul, 18:28 UTC+2

17:54: ????????‍♂️ <--- That's me taking my hat off to @WarrenBarguil. What an impressive @LeTour performance! Massive congratulations!

20 Jul, 17:54 UTC+2

16:24: @TeamDiData Sign up for our app from now till Sunday and you could win these @oakley sunglasses. Winner announced on Sunday.

20 Jul, 16:24 UTC+2

15:08: On @GoZwift now if anyone's keen....

20 Jul, 15:08 UTC+2

13:09: Absolutely heartbroken that yesterday family, friends & @TeamDiData lost a wonderful man, Werner Lenk. Rest In Peac…

20 Jul, 13:09 UTC+2

12:29: Stage 18 @LeTour: Briancon - Izoard
???????? 179,5 km
???? 1x cat.H, 1x cat.1, 1x cat.3
???? ca. 17:30
???? Eurosport

20 Jul, 12:29 UTC+2