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Tour de France

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Stef Clement

Dit is óók een goed stel hoor... This is the engine that keeps our team running. t.co/VFbik3GkNO

23 Jun, 20:22

Jarlinson Pantano

¡Es todo un orgullo ser parte del #TourdeTFS, listo para dejarlo todo por @albertocontador y todo el @TrekSegafredo! t.co/SBRb9FEOLW

23 Jun, 14:33

Stef Clement

@tludvigsson congrats on that beautiful jersey my friend. I know that you were chasing it for a long time; enjoy!!

23 Jun, 07:35


Sylvain Chavanel

Désolé pour vous mes supporters, @TeamDEN_fr #jr je voulais gagner,suis très déçu et c est pas la 1ere fois félicitations à @p_latour

22 Jun, 19:13

Stef Clement

'Dit is een goed stel hoor...' t.co/BojmIBL2aF

21 Jun, 22:32

Stef Clement

20:08: Happy 2nd between world class riders #NKMontferland 🥈 16:45: Will start at 6.50pm at tomorrows National Championships TT @NK_Montferland Trying to squeeze out a nice result before a small summer break.

21 Jun

Stef Clement

Hopp Stevie! 🇨🇭🏻 t.co/1tc6GPYLj7

16 Jun, 16:51

Stef Clement

17:41: Very proud of @s_kruijswijk @tds back at his game! Hopefuly at the end he gets that well deserved result after monts of hard labour 🏻🏻🏼 19:09: Next race on my schedule is the National TT Championship. Looks like I will be in good company 🏻 t.co/sT2ck8uRJP

15 Jun

Jarlinson Pantano

Aunque hay momentos de oscuridad lo importante es no pensar en ello y sólo pensar en que vienen momentos mejores 🏻… t.co/jGvYiyC1Dq

14 Jun, 11:14

Stef Clement

Great guys often do great things... happy for @larrywarbasse ! t.co/cLpUatH6cX

13 Jun, 18:08

Jarlinson Pantano

Parcero I'm very happy for your victory @larrywarbasse enjoy 🏻🏻

13 Jun, 17:43

Stef Clement

This is a moment to remember @koenbouwman @dauphine Well deserved after being 4 times in the break + a stage win Go… t.co/46ewgGg0qH

11 Jun, 16:01

Jarlinson Pantano

🏻🏻 @tds t.co/7W21XqoXmn

10 Jun, 16:04

Stef Clement

15:38: Promised to give it another try today and happy it went better again. Great 4th time breakaway for @koenbouwman @dauphine he deserves the 🥇 17:18: That was too much for me today @dauphine I gave it my best to honor the good work my mates @LottoJumbo_road put in for me. Tomorrow new try! 17:49: Another day @dauphine , another breakaway with @koenbouwman ; tomorrow the mountains only start Fighting Spirit is high @LottoJumbo_road 1 other tweets

10 Jun

Jarlinson Pantano

Jajaja ¡qué clase @elpumaDarwin! Tour de Suiza 🇨🇭 t.co/4oEG7eQf3I

7 Jun, 17:57

Stef Clement

16:40: I already felt @giroditalia that I could do it, today @dauphine I showed that I can. Happy 4th in the TT, thanks @ShimanoROAD for the 58/11 16:36: Today = yesterdays tweet + @alexeyvermeulen + 🍾🥇! Great victory by youngster @koenbouwman @dauphine @LottoJumbo_road the unexpected the best 21:22: After a few days at home, tomorrow I start @dauphine Some traditions should stay Hard week coming up in France, let's see what is in it.

7 Jun

Stef Clement

Not all of us have a 'giro-hangover'... great souvenir @figurinepanini @giroditalia t.co/KEvlSGA3te

31 May, 16:31

Stef Clement

11:57: Ik blijf me verbazen... t.co/MprnGwCcjg 13:22: Todays ride... #hallojumbo After hard weeks @giroditalia it's time to recover and build up again. Jumbo, what else.… t.co/2m74n1KxKZ 17:31: Great result @giroditalia @josvanemden @LottoJumbo_road makes up a lot. Memorable day it became. Congrats @tom_dumoulin for making history! 4 other tweets

31 May