Tour de France

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21:16: @mwkeenan You get to meet some amazing people in sport. None better than Garth "Mr Noosa" Prowd. Gone way too early. #RIP t.co/…

31 Jul, 21:16 UTC+2

21:45: Not my day today was hoping for better legs after resting all week but in the end great job from my @TeamSunweb boy… t.co/TwKLk2rGCq

30 Jul, 21:45 UTC+2

08:07: @natbane epic photos of @blingmatthews epic ride for the green jersey #cycling #TDF2017 @SammyHeraldSun t.co/XgYZN3lJ76 https:/…

26 Jul, 08:07 UTC+2


16:20: This was a dream, thank you to everyone involved for making my dream come true. t.co/p0iXeSw4LZ

24 Jul, 16:20 UTC+2

12:34: @TeamSunweb All green everything! Check out @blingmatthews new ride. Our @Giant_Bicycles green edition TCR Advanced SL.

➡️ https://t.c…

24 Jul, 12:34 UTC+2

12:09: @will_davison Amazing @blingmatthews - representing ???????? so well. Congrats bud! #TDF2017 t.co/FDuEHtmF1n

24 Jul, 12:09 UTC+2

12:09: @mcewenrobbie Congratulations on winning the #MaillotVert @blingmatthews #crew t.co/Wf9AQvm3by

24 Jul, 12:09 UTC+2

22:20: The boys ! Just missing @luke_durbridge1 ! Great lap of France t.co/OCLZNSEb1t

23 Jul, 22:20 UTC+2

10:57: @7NewsMelbourne .@blingmatthews just needs to finish the final #TourdeFrance stage to win the green jersey for best sprinter at this ye…

23 Jul, 10:57 UTC+2

22:29: @LeTour Les porteurs de maillot la veille de Paris / The leader jersey wearers the day before Paris #TDF2017 t.co/jcZPbqGaIT

22 Jul, 22:29 UTC+2

18:44: @StueyOG Paris here we come...Emergency meal in between driving & TGV.I'm actually jambon/frommage'd OUT!Macca's @MummuCycling https://…

22 Jul, 18:44 UTC+2

18:26: Next stop Paris. t.co/2h34DGAvQ8

22 Jul, 18:26 UTC+2

17:44: TT of my life today , 5th @letour , chuffed with that ride! Congrats to @maciejbodnar , deserved it from being so close last time

22 Jul, 17:44 UTC+2

19:19: Looking very serious before the stage today with @WarrenBarguil t.co/9hF9JqK24p

21 Jul, 19:19 UTC+2

10:45: Wishing everyone a really nice day. t.co/yNr627qZTi

21 Jul, 10:45 UTC+2

20:23: @TeamSunweb A victory for one is a victory for all. Our team spirit in one picture.

#CreatingMemories #KeepChallenging #TDF2017 https…

20 Jul, 20:23 UTC+2

20:18: That moment when you find out your roomie just won us our 4th stage of the @tourdefrance17 @warrenbarguilt.co/SMpQ4PR4rR

20 Jul, 20:18 UTC+2

11:29: @AdrienneFranci1 Are you staying up watching @Tourdefrance17? You will be joining @blingmatthews #Canberra parents, P.E teacher & fans!…

20 Jul, 11:29 UTC+2

20:42: @chrisfroome @EmmanuelMacron @larsloekke but where's Donny

19 Jul, 20:42 UTC+2


20:23: Never nice to take a jersey like this hope @marcelkittel is ok, its been a nice 3 fighting it out.… t.co/JVckZA1Kd0

19 Jul, 20:23 UTC+2

18:33: Tough stage that today!Looks like its going to be a good battle again tomorrow .Great to see the front for a change too...going 2 sleep well

19 Jul, 18:33 UTC+2

10:54: @OricaScott #TDF2017: Today will be the 12th day @SimonYatess wears the #MaillotBlanc @LeTour. RT if you think he can take it to Paris.…

19 Jul, 10:54 UTC+2

08:42: @mcewenrobbie Caught up with the man on fire ????in this last week of #TdF2017 @blingmatthews. Not interviewing, just chatting https://t.c…

19 Jul, 08:42 UTC+2

20:04: 3 stage wins in 4 days for @TeamSunweb at the @Tourdefrance17 all I can say is thank you thank you thank you thank. t.co/xlLLHi0wrs

18 Jul, 20:04 UTC+2

22:46: Rest day done and dusted ! That went by too fast . 6 to go ! Chilled ride then killed some time building Technic fr… t.co/hXuqU5d1Yu

17 Jul, 22:46 UTC+2

14:14: @al_loutit One of my favourite humans wrote about one of my favourite humans ???? t.co/Nbxy1N0FJY

17 Jul, 14:14 UTC+2

21:40: @TeamSunweb Commitment and perseverance was rewarded in the best way today; 24 hours with @blingmatthews at #TDF2017. ???? t.co/Cg…

15 Jul, 21:40 UTC+2

19:43: What can I say @TeamSunweb @Tourdefrance17 two days in a row what a team. #creatingmemories t.co/kM3erLhUkC

15 Jul, 19:43 UTC+2

18:20: You little ripper congrats @WarrenBarguil winning a stage 13 @Tourdefrance17 so happy for my roomie. @TeamSunweb t.co/V8R2fUMGXp

14 Jul, 18:20 UTC+2

18:19: You little ripper congrats @WarrenBarguil winning a stage 13 @Tourdefrance17 so happy for my roomie. @TeamSunweb

14 Jul, 18:19 UTC+2

08:58: @richie_porte My new set of wheels aren't quite as cool as my @Ride_BMC but it's nice to finally be home. t.co/gbE5qPv2QX

14 Jul, 08:58 UTC+2

19:07: This photo says all. t.co/rJ8rnjf8Tr

11 Jul, 19:07 UTC+2

18:06: How awesome is that ! Thanks Paul and family t.co/pMDTt1cbm3

11 Jul, 18:06 UTC+2

10:39: Some people look forward to the rest day but I look forward to @Tourdefrance17 @oakley day. t.co/fAmPP6RV4X

11 Jul, 10:39 UTC+2

20:07: @BikeBreaks The latest to the pro rider corner is @luke_durbridge1 where he shares some great advice on how to deal with injury! https:…

10 Jul, 20:07 UTC+2

16:30: Beautiful photo from stage 9 @Tourdefrance17 by @ClairedgPhoto t.co/NemsBsnwpG

10 Jul, 16:30 UTC+2

18:11: Now that was some day @LeTour today -AGAIN t.co/Z0QjjvEuwA

9 Jul, 18:11 UTC+2

18:53: @ShimanoMTB What a final! @GregMinnaar ????wins Lenzerheide and @DannyHart1 ????takes 3rd! Watch here the final meters of Minnaar #UCIMTBWC #…

8 Jul, 18:53 UTC+2

18:06: That was some day @LeTour

8 Jul, 18:06 UTC+2


10:58: Close to sign in today ! WIN ???? t.co/QtdWqMEAwx

8 Jul, 10:58 UTC+2

08:55: Sweet picture from stage 7 @tourdefrance17 thanks @oakleybike for the awesome shades. t.co/BkRoNqSUvM

8 Jul, 08:55 UTC+2

10:31: @OricaScott #TDF2017: Guess @simonyatess' MAX heart rate as he attacked on yesterday's final climb to WIN a pair of @scottsports 'Leap'…

6 Jul, 10:31 UTC+2

18:32: @Laura_Meseguer .@Eurosport's cameraman @sam_guillemot is back with his serie of cycling portraits. This one from @blingmatthews is awe…

5 Jul, 18:32 UTC+2

14:18: Optimistic attitude for Luke Durbridge t.co/0Qht0PuiaA

5 Jul, 14:18 UTC+2

14:17: @ridemediaHQ “Hopefully I can come back and be better and stronger by the worlds.”
@luke_durbridge1 after his operation. #SBStdf

5 Jul, 14:17 UTC+2

22:16: Life on Tour with Alba . Cc. @Mathew_Hayman t.co/uGgYWphDMh

2 Jul, 22:16 UTC+2

18:38: Safe and sound ???? #TDF2017 that was some start to the race . Feeling for Durbo , we will his big engine here .

2 Jul, 18:38 UTC+2

08:20: t.co/dVCiBQC1ai via @youtube my slide #TDF2017

2 Jul, 08:20 UTC+2

08:14: Unfortunately was taking a few to many risks out there in the wet. A sprained ankle for me but I'll be out there again tomorrow. #TDF2017

2 Jul, 08:14 UTC+2

18:55: Gave it everything @TDWsport t.co/9o2To1zzvg

1 Jul, 18:55 UTC+2

18:52: MASSIVE CONGRATS TO @GeraintThomas86 for WINNING today.Proud of you mate !He deserves it!Happy with my day too, @LeTour has started ????

1 Jul, 18:52 UTC+2