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Bram Tankink

08:47: Voila daar gaan we weer. Nu worden ze al lukraak toebedeeld. "Ik niet, ik niet!!!" t.co/CEDpd7hw8o 08:28: Wat is dat toch met sterren. We hebben allemaal n ster en op dagen als vand staan die (figuurlijk)wijd open. Ik zou… t.co/67hch2qjbn

23 Apr

Sebastian Langeveld

No words!! So so sad the hear @MicheleScarponi is not with us anymore. Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP scarpa

22 Apr, 13:12

Lars Boom

My thoughts are with the family of Michele. You were a great and fantastic personality. Thanks for the good times on the bike #RIPMichele

22 Apr, 12:15


Laurens ten Dam

What a sad message just reached me. My full thoughts are with 'Scarpa' and his family.

22 Apr, 12:11

Roy Curvers

Cyclists Worst nightmare; Kiss your wife and kids; leave for training and don't come back! Happend to @MicheleScarponi! R.i.P. michele

22 Apr, 11:45

Dylan van Baarle

Wat een triest nieuws om mee wakker te worden... mijn gedachten gaan uit naar zijn familie en vrienden ! #ripmichele...

22 Apr, 11:01

Wout Poels

Unbelievable to hear what happened with @MicheleScarponi this morning.... RIP

22 Apr, 10:45

Bram Tankink

Wat ontzettend heftig dit. Een van de kleurrijkste en meest gewaardeerde renners van het peloton verongelukt op tra… t.co/pgbleoDyRt

22 Apr, 10:42

Stef Clement

It seems unreal and I am very upset to read about the tragical passing away of colleague Michele Scarponi. All thoughts to his beloved ones.

22 Apr, 10:40

Koen de Kort

Hard to believe Michele Scarponi passed away. A funny and great teammate years ago and still always great to see him. I'll miss you buddy

22 Apr, 10:35

Lieuwe Westra

Wat een mooie dag moest worden begint met dat m'n goede maat vriend @MicheleScarponi is overleden geen woorden voor ben stil ! Rust zacht

22 Apr, 10:02

Steven Kruijswijk

Really tragic to hear, all my thoughts are with his family! RIP #Scarponi t.co/65wGZhroeO

22 Apr, 09:59

Lieuwe Westra

Neee @MicheleScarponi

22 Apr, 09:57

Robert Gesink

Couldn't have been happier with my early birthday present! Thanks my love! ❤️ Might need @LaFabricaGirona to teac… t.co/NNC0VCvOEX

22 Apr, 09:35

Lieuwe Westra


21 Apr, 13:39

Robert Gesink

Ik ging sporten voor dit #koningsontbijt 🧀🥛Dankzij @JumboSupermarkt doen kids in NL dit vandaag andersom.… t.co/19hfIZQweQ

21 Apr, 10:42

Steven Kruijswijk

Another day of climbing! t.co/lhmmfMzSZv t.co/qGKKoxAnbV

20 Apr, 21:01

Stef Clement

When even in they ❤️ the fight for ... counting down the days to the start @giroditalia with @LottoNLJumbo 15 d… t.co/IGkpb3kpFU

20 Apr, 16:28

Lieuwe Westra

Zaterdag analist bij mn eerste profkoers zege ! Welke was dat? ?

20 Apr, 15:51


Bram Tankink

Jeetje. Lag al veel volk langs La Redoute te wachten voor zondag. Plekjes alvast ingenomen. #LBL t.co/W3oq8YeGHk

20 Apr, 14:38

Tom Dumoulin

Above the clouds at Teide. Last ride done! Flying home tomorrow morning. Back to society, back to where people are… t.co/mH0WQwm1Lj

20 Apr, 13:45

Laurens ten Dam

08:15: Must read when doing @LTRaceSeries. I@made lots of mistakes last year! But I'll be back! t.co/qMUK82ouRJ 18:49: Some people in for a roadtrip from Santa Cruz? @ScottDavis90 @Eamon_Lucas ? t.co/aUmUfFKgFL 18:48: Hey. I'll be there. Good time in Tahoe again visiting friends and do the Mighty Mount Rose! (So I want for the full… t.co/HYWQa5Qc8R 1 other tweets

20 Apr

Bram Tankink

Met deze wind en kou kan zelfs de Waalse pijl n interessante klassieker worden. Ben tijdens training naar binnen gevlucht voor warme koffie

19 Apr, 12:20

Laurens ten Dam

This is a really nice feature. I would upgrade! t.co/s8ylhqkaVf

19 Apr, 08:44

Bauke Mollema

Iemand al eens een huis gegeven? Nee? Ik wel! Wil jij dit ook? Doe mee aan @FietsvoorHuis op 9 sept. Laatste kans!… t.co/ml6xCZg04h

18 Apr, 16:48

Laurens ten Dam

☀️ music and what else on a rest day? t.co/CZu3K2lxM2

18 Apr, 10:07

Tom Dumoulin

Whenever spending time with @laurenstendam on a mountain, there just has to be at least one BBQ restday haha! Back… t.co/E0InyGzoZT

18 Apr, 09:53

Stef Clement

Thanks @KeizerMartijn for this nice lap on the Northern side of Tenerife. Beautiful and hot day in the saddle. t.co/zmxj4eYNWB

17 Apr, 22:48

Koen de Kort

@NathanPeterHaas well done though buddy

17 Apr, 17:25

Bram Tankink

Nummers! Editie AGR gisteren zwaarste klassieker!

LBL16 TSS 408
MSR17 TSS 364
GW17 TSS 346
RVV17 TSS 407
Amstel T… t.co/RFSe4a0cKE

17 Apr, 11:55

Dylan van Baarle

09:11: @PierroooRolland @alex_howes @Vaughters Would be finally an nice Dauphine for me then 09:04: @PierroooRolland @Vaughters If I was 72/73 kg I would be now in Trentino .

17 Apr

Bram Tankink

Mijn vrouw heeft een speciaal biertje voor mij gekocht. Heel lief, maar Ik vraag me alleen af of ze hier iets mee b… t.co/eQywT14Mnm

16 Apr, 21:48

Wilco Kelderman

18:59: A pitty I couldn't be there in the final for our guys. Hopefully we have more luck Wednesday in Fleche Wallone 2/2 18:55: Was involved in the crash on the fromberg, need to change from bike. Legs Where getting beter in the final. 1/2

16 Apr

Stef Clement

4,5h in the saddle with some efforts and a special bike was needed to be back in time for the final @Amstelgoldracet.co/1wvteui9Mj

16 Apr, 17:58

Albert Timmer

Riding on the front for 160 km is not that easy. t.co/Xjd9ghCAEu

16 Apr, 17:38

Koen de Kort

17:03: Great race @Amstelgoldrace, hope to be back next year. I have enjoyed watching @NathanPeterHaas and @PhilippeGilbert. Congrats guys! 17:01: That was a weird sprint, you would think Kwiato is confident in his sprint but that seemed like he just wanted to blow him away 350m to go 16:57: Turns out I was wrong and they did manage to drop @NathanPeterHaas. Now let's see if Gilbert stops working with Kwiato soon 5 other tweets

16 Apr

Steven Kruijswijk

Found them! Happy Easter! t.co/dWp96Hj5BN

16 Apr, 11:08

Bram Tankink

Het lijstje van onze Spaanse vriend @juanjolobato. Zelfs op papier raakt hij na 220km de weg kwijt. t.co/1bQuicWC9g

16 Apr, 09:04